Gita Aviation (Changzhou) Co Ltd strives to achieve its business goals, keeping in mind a three sixty degree purview, built on the pillars of Excellence, Expansion, Efficiency and Evolution.

Excellence: To foster relationships with our customers by manufacturing products of the highest quality, and delivering exceptional customer service, where our brand name is synonymous to world-class, trustworthy and quality-driven air cargo restraint Straps and Nets.

Expansion: To be aggressive and dedicated in our efforts, and constantly on a path to grow our scope and potential. Our team members are constantly challenged to outperform themselves, to innovate and to grow together. We have partnered with some of the leading airlines and logistics service providers in the past, and are persistently working to on-board newer, mutually-fruitful connections.

Efficiency: To move towards better, newer operational processes everyday with a dedicated team of research experts. We aim to reduce our lead-time reactivity to the lowest possible timeline, and provide our clients with high quality products.

Evolution: We strongly believe that changes and chances are the only way to grow, and thus the most imperative part of our mission is to push ourselves every day to be innovative and agile, bringing in revolutionary, path-breaking design improvements into the air cargo space.


Gita Aviation (Changzhou) Co Ltd are leading air cargo solution providers. We have a state-of-the-art, end-to-end production set-up in China.

We are manufacturers of Cargo Nets and Cargo Restraint Straps. We have strong links across the Middle East, Asia and Europe, with some of the top airline and leading logistic handling companies. Our design and technical office is based in Austria.

Our dedication to excellence and quality can be validated by the fact that we are the first EASA certified Production Organisation approved according to Part 21, Subpart G outside of EU.

We also pride ourselves to be the only manufacturer with EASA, FAA and CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) certifications for production of Cargo Nets.

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